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Learn Key Techniques to Sharpen Your Skills From Two Top Communication Experts   

Do you want to give exceptional briefings, proposals, or technical presentations?  In every presentation, itís crucial that your message comes across loud and clear, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.   In this fun, but highly educational workshop, you will learn to score a direct hit with every presentation you make, achieving your presentation objectives with confidence, conviction, and enthusiasm. 

Hodges and Mull have taught and coached thousands - now is your opportunity to achieve peak performance as a communicator!

Featured Workshop Leaders

Gary Mull, DTM

Professional Speaker,
Past Toastmasters International Director,
Author, Consultant,
Prof.  Speakers' Guild President

Bill Hodges, DTM

Professional Speaker,
Executive Coach,
Best Selling Author
T.V. Talk Show Host
Newspaper Columnist


After attending, you'll have a better understanding of how to:
- Prepare and organize information for maximum effectiveness
- Apply verbal and non-verbal communication skills
- Eliminate filler words and distractions
- Engage and connect with an audience of 1 or 10,000
- Overcome nervousness and fear
- Master extemporaneous speaking and handling questions
- Achieve a commanding executive presence


When: Tues. & Wed., Sept. 25 & 26th, 2012 9am Ė 4pm

Where: The Centre Club of Tampa
123 S. Westshore Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33609

Tuesday & Wednesday  25 & 26 September, 2012

8:30am - Registration    9:00am to 4:30pm - Workshop


Translate your expertise into Dollar$!

One 20-minute speech to the right group of potential clients, prospects or superiors has the power to double or triple your income and open doors of opportunity that are closed to 95% of the population. Great speakers are seen as leaders in business, in the communities where they live, and in life in general. People have always been influenced (and probably always will be) by the eloquent, entertaining speaker who knows how to connect emotionally with his or her audience.

ďIf You're Not Out Speaking To Groups About What You
Do For A Living. . . It's Literally Costing You A FortuneĒ

We all know that people do business with people they know, like and trust. Great speakers know how to build a relationship with an audience and convert non-believers to his or her way of thinking. Thereís nothing more profitable than a speaker who knows how to connect with an audience, move them to action, and convert them into clients for life.

The money your company can bring in from one free presentation can be substantial. Thatís one of the beautiful things about speaking to business groups: You donít have to charge a fee to make money from your presentation. The business you generate will more than compensate for your time and effort. Groups such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, VFW, Chambers of Commerce, Networking Clubs, Womenís Business Groups, Menís Clubs, etc. are always looking for exciting, energetic speakers with something to share with their members. I know people who make a healthy living simply speaking to these types of groups for free and getting paid on the back end from all of the new business they generate.

Powerful Public Speaking Can Catapult Your Confidence And
Thrust You Into A Position Of Leadership And Authority

Public speaking is the single most important skill you can possess as a leader. Itís a magical skill that can bring you mega-success. Becoming a persuasive presenter gives you the power and privilege to influence people to your way of thinking. It gives you the confidence and charisma to get what you want, live your dreams, and help others do the same.

The power of the platform is unparalleled.
Nothing can propel you to the top faster, no matter
what business you're in---IF you know what you're doing when you
step out in front of a group

Critical Topics Covered in this workshop:

Advanced Speaking Techniques - Be great on stage! . . . if you want raving fans you must master these hidden strategies that go beyond “being a pretty good speaker”.

Here are some of the things you'll learn at this high-level workshop:
  • 7 ways to create excitement from the platform

  • How to get and maintain attention

    Effectively handling questions

    Structuring your message for maximum effectiveness

    Killer closing lines that leave your message ringing in their ears

    Mastering your time on stage

    How to write and catalog speeches like a professional speaker

  • The secret that professional speakers use to relax before every speech.

  • How to integrate humor into ANY speech

  • How to use one-liners that will work with every audience

  • How to use geographical transitions that your audiences will love

  • How to use personal stories that will connect with your audience immediately

  • What to do if you go blank on stage

  • The pressure-proofing system that will end stage fright. . . forever

  • Using the "vignette" system to make your message "sticky"

  • Captivating gestures that will hold any audience spellbound

  • The anti-bombing strategy that destroys the mortal enemy of every speaker

  • Stage movement that showcases your every word

  • Why the audience wants you to do well

  • How to find more speech material than you can possibly use

  • How to create your speeches with passion. . . BUT deliver them with skill

  • The tools you must own to develop your skills

  • The difference between a speech, seminar, and workshop. . . and why you want to do all three

  • The amazing keyword note system. . . and why the pro's use it

  • How to develop a funny consciousness

  • The secret to getting a good introduction every time you speak

  • The magic of mental preparation before every speech

  • The incredible audience response measurement system. . . and how to use it to virtually guarantee how any audience will respond to you.

  • How to use call backs to add humor and fun to your presentation



Early Registration Ė (by Aug. 31) $677

Regular Registration - (by Sept. 21) $750

Call for special group pricing (5 or more)

All workshop materials, breakfast,
and lunch are included!


Learn the money-making speaking techniques used by professionals. These techniques will change your business, your income, and your life!

Speaking, presenting, and briefing are key skills for professionals in all fields. To be exceptional, one needs to understand how to prepare properly and get feedback from experts. Stage fright and other fears can hold us back and prevent us from achieving the results we might otherwise be able to accomplish, and this course is designed to provide positive feedback that will overcome nervousness.  Many vital decisions in both government and industry are made on the strength of a briefing At the least, a failure could cost money. At its worst, it could cost lives. This 2 day investment of time will pay big dividends.

Personnel at all levels who must make staff briefings, have contact with the media or make briefings to supervisors. Support personnel who assist in the briefing preparation will also benefit from the course.

Topics will be presented by short lectures, group discussions, films, individual coaching, and evaluations through video recordings of student briefings.

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Workshop Testimonials

What are people saying about our workshops?

"The workshop was paced well...good learning environment "
- The Peerless Group

"Excellent materials!
They will become my leadership reference guide"

- Carter Lumber

"I had a great time and learned a lot that I plan to use in my job"
- Montgomery County Children's Services


"Well worth my time. I plan to send my entire staff"
- Artemis Center


"I will definitely use what I've learned here today"
- Ross Group


"I loved the quality of information shared"
- Eskco


"Excellent course content and instructors"
- Roto Rooter


"The content strikes at the core of effective leadership. Great job!"
- Dayton United Way


"I liked the willingness of the instructor to assist in practical application. I can take back the skills I learned here and apply them immediately"
- Life Skills Center


"Excellent facilities, materials, and instructor"
- County Corp


"Fast-paced and very concise. I enjoyed the workshop very much."
- Navistar


"I found the exercises and activities stimulating, and they illustrated the principles taught in a way that made it realistic"
- Northrop-Grumman


"I would highly recommend this course for anyone who deals with people"
- Wayne Hospital


"Outstanding presentation and content!"
- Timken Corporation